International Fashion Awards

International Fashion Week Dubai Season-5  featured the launch of the International Fashion Awards for various areas in the field of fashion. 14 awards were given away as follows:

Category 1- The Best Fashion Design Program 2017- American University in the Emirates, Dubai.

Category 2. Best Fashion Tech Designer 2017- Diana Walkiewicz, Poland.

Category 3. Best Fashion Designer 2017-International- Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Spain.

Category 4. Best Fashion Designer 2017- Ali Asaad, Syria.

Category 5. Best Fashion Designer 2017- Emirati- Mona Al Mansouri, UAE.

Category 6. Best Fashion Media 2017- Elle Arabia, UAE.

Category 7. Best Fashion Entrepreneur 2017- Derek Khan, UAE.

Category 8. Best Fashion Icon 2017- Mohammed H Alshalan, UAE.

Category 9. Best Fashion Journalist 2017- Nada Kabbani, UAE.

Category 10. Best Fashion Model 2017- Emiliia Dobreva, Kosova.

Category 11. Emerging Designers competition 1st Pize- Daliah Bakhurji, UAE.

Category 12. Emerging Designers competition 2nd Prize- Sirin Al Baghada, UAE.

Category 13. Best Emerging Fashion Designer 2017- Rezvanesh Saffari, UAE.

Category 14. Best Fashion Design Educationalist 2017- Shlagha Agarwal, UAE.


The Awards were given away by our  Guests of  Honour

  • Mr. Yaqoob Ali
  • Her Excellency Dr. Rasha Al Faidi
  • Ms. Daphanie

For season 6 more than 20 Awards to be given away for various categories in Fashion

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