Right Colours to Style Your Outfit


Need help finding the right colours to style your outfit for a special occasion? Here are few tips to help you look best on your best occasion 😏


Hmmmm you must be wondering why is colour number one on the list? Rightfully so, colour is the most crucial aspect when designing an outfit or styling yourself using the finest jewellery. Think about it, what is the use of wearing the most expensive clothes, shoes or jewellery when they do not match each other,  perhaps you would be looking like an expensive clown- obviously, we do not want that to happen. In order to style yourself, you must consider what contrasting colours match each other; for example, a red dress matching with a golden necklace matched up with golden shoes and match that up again with golden earrings and perhaps a red bracelet around your wrist? I bet you can see where we are heading with this🤭The point is styling yourself is not about the amount of money you spend on yourself, NO! NO! NO! I can bet you big money that you can buy the cheapest outfit from the dollar store but still look as sharp as ever as long as you know how colour contrasts work. Want some more tips on colour contrast? Sure thing, that is why I am here.

Blue and Pink

Blue is a colour often found in nature, described by experts as the colour of calm and serenity. Combining that with the colour pink- which represents compassion, nurturing and romance, pink is a mixture of the colour white and red that symbolises the power and passion of a woman yet the purity she keeps. These two combinations of colours make an outfit that widely gets a lot of attention from people.

Black and White

Simplicity is the way to be successful, no complications, no fooling around, no spending absurd amounts of money. A simple black and white outfit to look sleek for the day, there is no way you can go wrong, no trust me, it is a skill to go wrong with a black and white outfit. 

Grey and Grey

Sticking with the simple look. Grey is a monochromatic way of dressing that can all together feel stylish, plain or boring- depending on your perspective or your IQ. The best way to style a grey outfit is by playing with different shades of grey, perhaps mixing charcoal grey with light grey? Always be confident to experiment with your clothing. When you experiment with different colours, you will know what suits you. After all, we want to be satisfied with what we wear, embracing our colours, looks and styles. 

Brown and Red

Last but not least, colour combination of this article. Brown and red is probably the most surprising mention in this article. Brown and red is a classic colour used for years in the fashion industry and is one of the most under-appreciated colour contrasts used. Brown and red primarily works well when both the materials are velvet…. Ooou fancy. Use an earthy brown colour and combine that with a darkish red, that makes one dazzling outfit. 

That is all for this article today, hope you enjoyed the read and got some inspiration for the next time you style your outfit. Anyways, stay sleek, stay stylish and stay tuned for the next time I update you with a fashion article. This is Hayden, your fashion director with you, see you all next time.